Tips to help extend laptop battery life

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All laptop users will face one problem.The battery going dead while traveling on a plane or attending a meeting where a plug point may not be available for a recharge.To get the most out of your battery,follow these rules. Here are the best 25 easy ways to extend your laptops battery life.

1. Utilize the software– Both Macs and Windows-based laptops have inbuilt power-management software. You can set it for "power save" mode.It will help you to save your batteries life.

2. Run fewer program – You may simultaneously have Photoshop, excel, MS word and more open when all you need is MS word. Quit all the others that you don’t need,especially the DVD.

3. Reduce Screen Brightness-Conversion of electricity to light energy uses power. Reduce your screen brightness to a comfortable minimum.

4. Switch of external devices – Switch off WiFi, Bluetooth, and LAN card if not in use. One of the causes for quick drain of batteries drain is these devices. These devices will quickly drain your charge on laptop’s battery

5. Reduce attachments– How many USB ports are being used? Unplug all unnecessary attachments. Simultaneously connecting more than one USB device will wipe out your battery. Remove attachments including any mouse and use the touchpad instead.

6. Don’t play games –When laptop’s is on battery don’t play games. Especially larger games. When playing such games on battery use software 3-d analyzer.It’ll help you to play games on reduced graphics,optimum performance and power.

7. Don’t stay Too Long on Laptop –Try to finish your work faster than before. Shut down your laptop to take a nap. Find a charge source immediately.

8. Discharge – With older Nickel-based batteries let it discharge fully at times. And don’t leave lithium-polymer batteries discharged for long periods. It’ll cause damage to the battery or completely fails battery to charge.

9. Defragment the file system –Defragmenting computer frequently will make laptop work faster with efficiency and increase it’s performance. Also with less errors.If you have multiple types of file systems, surely you need to defragment it.

10. Avoid multitasking – Multitasking is doing multiple operations at the same time. Working on so many programs at the same time will significantly consume your laptop’s battery charge. Don’t do multi tasking when your laptop is on battery.
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