• New Genuine HT03XL Battery for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 15-CS 15-DA HSTNN-DB8R
  • New Genuine HT03XL Battery for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 15-CS 15-DA HSTNN-DB8R

New Genuine HT03XL Battery for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 15-CS 15-DA HSTNN-DB8R

Model: HT03XL
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 11.55V
Capacity: 41.9WH
Color: Black
Condition: Original/Genuine Battery
Warranty: 12 months

Tips for maximizing discharge time and extend battery life:
1> Lower the brightness on the display.
2> Minimize background processes. 
3> Don't use the CD/DVD drive.
4> Disable your wireless antenna when not in use.
5> Check the Power Management settings are set to "Max original battery".
6> Remove the battery from the notebook PC when it is not being used or charged for a long period.
7> Purchase another battery to extend the overall operating time on battery.
8> Store the battery in a cool dry location.
Product Details
Compatible with Battery code:
HT03041XL, HT03XL, L11119-855, L11421-1C1, L11421-1C2, L11421-2C1, L11421-2C2, 
L11421-2C3, L11421-2D2, L11421-421, L11421-422, L11421-423, L11421-542, L11421-544, 

Compatible with Laptop Models:
14-ce0014TU, 14-CE0015TU, 14-CE0015TU(4HK87PA), 14-CE0016TU, 14-CE1007TX, 14-CE1008TX, 14-CE1009TX, 14-CE1010TX, 
14-CF0002LA, 14-CF0003LA, 14-CF0004LA, 14-CF0005LA, 14-CF0008CA, 14-CF0010CA, 14-CF0010DS, 14-CF0011DS, 14-CF0012DS, 
14-CF0016CA, 14-CF0018CA, 14-CF0051OD, 14-CF0052LA, 14-CF0052OD, 14-CF0054LA, 14-cf0100, 14-cf0100ng, 14-CK0000TU, 
14-CK0000TX, 14-CK0001LA, 14-CK0001TU, 14-CK0001TX, 14-CK0002TU, 14-CK0002TX, 14-CK0003LA, 14-CK0003TU, 14-CK0003TX, 
14-CK0004LA, 14-CK0066ST, 14-ck0200, 14-ck0201ng, 14-ck0203ng, 14-ck0205ng, 14-CM0000AU, 14-CM0000AX, 14-DF0010NR, 
14-DF0020NR, 14-ma0312ng, 14Q-CS0000TU, 14Q-CS0000TX, 14Q-CS0001TU, 14Q-CS0001TX, 14Q-CS0002TU, 14Q-CS0002TX, 
14Q-CS0003TX, 14Q-CY0000AU, 14Q-CY0000AX, 14Q-CY0001AU, 14Q-CY0001AX, 14S-CF0000TU, 14S-CF0032TX, 14S-CF0033TX, 
14S-CF0034TX, 14S-CF0035TX, 14S-CF0036TX, 14S-CF0037TX, 14S-CF0038TX, 14S-CF0039TX, 14S-CR0000TU, 14S-CR0000TX, 
14S-CR0001TU, 14S-CR0001TX, 14S-CR0002TU, 14S-CR0002TX, 14S-CR0003TU, 14S-CR0003TX, 14S-CR0004TU, 14S-CR0004TX, 
14S-CR0005TU, 14S-CR0005TX, 14S-CR0006TX, 14S-CR0007TX, 14S-CR0008TX, 14S-CR0009TX, 14S-CR0010TX, 14S-CR0011TX, 
15-CS0000TU, 15-CS0000TX, 15-CS0045TX, 15-CS0046TX, 15-CS0047TX, 15-CS0048TX, 15-CS0049TX, 15-CS0050TX, 15-CS0051CL, 
15-CS0051LA, 15-CS0051TX, 15-CS0051WM, 15-CS0052CL, 15-CS0052TX, 15-CS0053CL, 15-CS0053LA, 15-CS0054TX, 15-CS0055TX, 
15-CS1068TX, 15-CW0001CY, 15-CW0001LA, 15-CW0002CY, 15-CW0002LA, 15-CW0003CY, 15-CW0003LA, 15-CW0004CY, 15-CW0004LA, 
15-CW0005CY, 15-CW0005LA, 15-CW0006CY, 15-CW0006LA, 15-CW0007CA, 15-CW0007CY, 15-CW0007LA, 15-CW0008CY, 15-CW0008LA, 
15-CW0009LA, 15-CW0017CA, 15-CW0021AX, 15-CW0027CA, 15-CW0051LA, 15-CW0053LA, 15-CW0061NR, 15-CW0062NR, 15-CW0064CL, 
15-CW0075NR, 15-CW0085NR, 15-CW0088NR, 15-da0000, 15-DA0000TU, 15-DA0000TX, 15-DA0001CA, 15-DA0001CY, 15-DA0001DS, 
15-DA0001LA, 15-DA0027TU, 15-DA0027TX, 15-DA0028TU, 15-DA0028TX, 15-DA0029CA, 15-DA0029TU, 15-DA0029TX, 15-DA0030NR, 
15-DA0030TU, 15-DA0030TX, 15-DA0031NR, 15-DA0031TU, 15-DA0078NR, 15-DA0079CA, 15-DA0079CL, 15-DA0081CL, 15-DA0082CL, 
15-DA0085CL, 15-DA0086NR, 15-db0000, 15-DB0000AU, 15-DB0001AU, 15-DB0001DS, 15-DB0002AU, 15-DB0002AX, 15-DB0069NR, 
15-DB0069WM, 15-DB0071NR, 15-DB0072NR, 15-DB0073NR, 15-DB0074NR, 15-DB0075NR, 15-DB0076NR, 15-DB0081NR, 15-DB0081WM, 
15-DB0082WM, 15-DB0083WM, 15-DB0084WM, 15-DB0087CA, 15-DB0091NR, 15-DB0097CA, 15-db0103ng, 15-db0150ng, 15-db0200, 
15-db0200ng, 15-db0201ng, 15-db0302ng, 15-db0400, 15-db0400ng, 15-db0401ng, 15-db0403ng, 15-db0404ng, 15G-DR0002TX, 15G-DR0003TX,
15G-DR0004TX, 15T-DA000, 15T-DA100, 15T-DB000, 17-by0000, 17-BY0000TU, 17-BY0000TX, 17-BY0001CY, 17-by0205ng, 17-by0207ng, 
17-by0300, 17-by0300ng, 17-by0314ng, 17-by0315ng, 17-BY0316NG, 17-by0320ng, 17-by0351ng, 17-by0353ng, 17-by0400, 17-by0400ng, 
17-by0401ng, 17-by0402ng, 17-by0406ng, 17-by0407ng, 17-by0500nz, 17-by0700nz, 17-ca0000, 17-CA0000AU, 17-CA0000AX, 17-ca0304ng, 
17-ca0306NG, 17-ca0308ng, 17-ca0700, 17-ca0700ng, Envy 15T-CS000, Envy 15T-CU000, Envy 17T-BY000, Pavilion 14-ce0000, 
Pavilion 14-ce0001ng, Pavilion 14-ce0002ng, Pavilion 14-ce0300ng, Pavilion 14-ce0302ng, Pavilion 14-ce0400, Pavilion 14-ce0402ng, 
Pavilion 15-cs0000, Pavilion 15-cs0002ng, Pavilion 15-cs0003ng, Pavilion 15-cs0004ng, Pavilion 15-cs0005ng, Pavilion 15-cs0008ca, 
Pavilion 15-cs0033tx, Pavilion 15-cs0053cl
HP 240 G7 Series
HP 245 G7 Series
HP 250 G7 Series
HP 255 G7 Series

Precautions when using a original battery:
1> Do not modify or disassemble it.
2> Do not incinerate or expose to excessive heat,which may result in an exposure.
3> Do not expose boo to water or other moist/wet substances.
4> Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the battery.
5> Do not forget to take away your battery from the device if you will not use it for a long time.
6> Avoid short circuit of the terminals by keeping your original battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins.
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